Virtual Production

Game engines are incredible – We can bring together a group of artists with a diverse set of skills, and build worlds with staggering depth and beauty. With modern virtual production technologies, our work can be brought back into the physical world, and used to augmented traditional cinematography in exciting ways.

When you work with a live engine, creative iteration happens faster. Move props, change lighting, colour, and layout in minutes instead of hours. Get in-camera feedback on set and avoid any surprises in the edit room.

“This technology isn’t just for Hollywood movies; We’re ready to show the world what we can do.”

The worlds of physical and digital are merging together, and we’re busy crafting stunning content in the beautiful space in between.

We’re so proud of the work our team crafted, but we’re a discreet studio, crafting the magic from behind the curtain. 

Our white label policy lets us talk more freely in private, so get in touch and we’ll be able to share more.