Physical installations

We’ve been developing software for physical builds for years.

We approach each project with an established and robust workflow that ensures we deliver consistent and reliable content.

First, we establish the hard and soft bounds of a deliverable, along with detailed specifications for hardware and software; Or deadlines for an R&D phase to build everyone’s confidence.

With the technological approach confirmed, we develop a proof of concept to allow demo content, testing, and client buy-in. This often also serves to communicate with the wider team and build clarity for all involved.

Throughout, we track everything with production software, which we share with our clients to give complete visibility on assets, deliverables, bugs, and deadlines. We also use our private communications channels to give our clients direct access to our development team for lightning fast iteration.

With the project delivered, we usually offer a short or long-term support package so you can be confident we’ve got your back, and there are no nasty surprise costs. 

We’re so proud of the work our team crafted, but we’re a discreet studio, crafting the magic from behind the curtain. 

Our white label policy lets us talk more freely in private, so get in touch and we’ll be able to share more.