Digital Events

Since 2020 we have seen a drastic rise in digital events.

We seized the opportunity to work with some of the biggest brands in the world to redefine how companies deliver presentations that would normally have taken place in crowded auditoriums.

“Why pursue digital versions of event spaces? Why not design experiences that play to the strengths of the technologies available, and in doing so, offer something unique and novel?”

We brought users on a journey; every one of them the leading role in an experience that catered to their specific needs and interests. We integrated social features to connect the audience in ways never seen before; Sharing experiences, working as a team, communicating their ideas and opinions, and ultimately crafting a group experience that was unique, memorable, and above all: fun.

Leveraging game engine technologies we gave guests freedom to move throughout digital spaces, to interact with objects, to gain a deeper understanding, and to take things at a pace that suited them.

We presented our client’s vision in beautiful definition, crushing the notion that anyone should need to choose between fidelity and performance.

We’re so proud of the work our team crafted, but we’re a discreet studio, crafting the magic from behind the curtain. 

Our white label policy lets us talk more freely in private, so get in touch and we’ll be able to share more.