AI & Machine Learning

“You can’t just write an ‘if’ statement and call it AI”

To have created a piece of useful AI, your system needs to be able to produce unexpected results – To go further than its input parameters, and to approach problems in ways the human brain cannot. Our AI creations do exactly that, and the results are incredible.

From drawing a beautiful piece of art, to solving a complex or evolving problem. We’ve got in-house implementations for well known AI techniques, such as neural networks and behaviour treees. We’ve also built our own custom engines to drive totally unique solvers for our clients (and our own) specific needs.

Out studio’s library of shader code means we can create wonderful animated artwork which evolves and changes over time, keeping viewers amazed for hours. Find our AI powered artwork in museums, in dynamic installations across Europe, and on some of the biggest stages in Ibiza.

We’re so proud of the work our team crafted, but we’re a discreet studio, crafting the magic from behind the curtain. 

Our white label policy lets us talk more freely in private, so get in touch and we’ll be able to share more.