36 Hour Game Jam

From scratch game art, design & development
We make games because we love playing games.
#UE4Jam (Unreal Engine 4) 2018 was a good opportunity to stretch our legs in the new studio, making sure all our creative juices were flowing and that hardware was behaving itself before an exciting year of commercial projects!
Making games for the sake of creating a fun experience is a powerful thing, and the results speak for themselves.

Unreal Engine

UE4 Blueprints are a fast and easy way to prototype game design.
With over 30 released UE4 titles, our developers are at home in the Blueprint node graph; Following strict design principals and code patterns to produce insanely extensible and flexible systems.
During the jam, we created a short promotional video to show off some of the gameplay levels. With over 40 levels there is plenty more to discover!