Interactive Touch Screen

Private Yacht | Private Client

Magic Paint

Our full-screen painting application.
Full featured; Our system offers stamp brushes, colouring in modes, fantastic painting effects, and a beautiful dynamic user interface.

Motion Mirror

Kinect V2 motion tracking & remap
Utilising skeletal tracking technology, we mirror the users movement onto a digital skeleton then layer stunning visual effects over the top to create a charming magic mirror.


2 Player Jumping Game
Rendered in a bespoke 3D game world, 2 players jump between lily pads, racing to collect more treasure than the other before the time runs out.

Crafted With Love

Designed for purpose
By following our well defined process, we were able to work alongside the client to design games which were fully age and input appropriate
The system was designed for use by young children, so all aspects of the game were built around maximum user reach and maintaining continuous interest.

Simple & Intuitive

Large Radial Input
We created a powerful system using Compute Shaders to paint at breakneck speeds. The solution became the basis for our widely used Complete Paint asset store package.
This beautiful painting system required a radical approach to realtime painting in UHD resolutions.

Large Scale Touch

Bespoke Game System
Working in a UHD 3840 * 2160 resolution within hardware limitations was great fun, and the final result animates in beautiful 120fps without a hitch.
The application is set up to automatically boot on startup, and rolls back to show a slick screen saver when not in use.