DIGITAL SALMON is a creative development studio for hire.
We work with agencies to deliver game engine content for disruptive and novel brand experiences.

Crafted with love.

Rendered in real time.


Digital Events

Digital events are massive. Born out of necessity, they are reshaping the way we share experiences with others, with more guests than ever jumping into multi-user events to interact and explore in new ways from the comfort of their own homes.

We launched two massive digital events in 2021, leaving meaningful impressions on tens of thousands of concurrent users in global launches featuring extensive product demo’s, bespoke branded spaces and a huge social feature set.

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Game Development

When we’re not busy creating your projects, we’re making our own games. We’ve got lots of projects on the go; pushing the boundaries with R&D, preparing industry talks, lecturing at UK Universities, competing in gamejams, and building incredible in-house pipeline tools.

Modelling, Unwrapping, Skinning, Rigging, Animating, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering, Shader Development, Gameplay, UI, Deployment, Distribution.

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Physical Installations

Over the last 9 years our team has built applications for interactive installations available to the public in shopping centers, cinemas, cruise ships, office spaces, transport hubs, expos, museums, and the high street.

Large scale LED video walls, networked micro site multiplayer crowd games. Queue entertainment touch screens, optically tracked window displays, NFC powered exhibition pieces.
There is so much novel potential here for bold and ambitious clients to pioneer.

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Extended Reality

Let’s explore the world in new ways and expand our reality as we see fit. Overlay, augment, change and learn by bringing digital content into the physical world. Go further, and use gps or spatial mapping and network technologies to truly connect people and create lasting impressions.

Whether with or without markers, we’ve delivered bespoke product demos, animated process demonstrations, event companion apps, data visualisation, 3D and UI overlays, and massive crowd based social AR experiences.

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AI & Machine Learning

We take a reductive view, breaking down creativity into a set of principals and processes. When we teach a machine to follow these rules, we create art that is ever-changing, evolving, and truly unique.

We produce true digital evolution through a network of interconnected digital systems built to explore the limitless worlds of machine learning to generate real world results.

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Virtual Reality & 360

VR can bring a level of immersion and intuition that no other media format has ever approached. We leverage the users preconceptions and existing spatial awareness to bring them straight into the action.

From official experiences for box office films, to touring simulators that have travelled the world. We’ve built multi-award winning experiences that have redefined product launches, interactive theatre, and education.

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Virtual Production

We’ve built upon the technologies which drive virtual production stages across the world to extend physical spaces for in-camera realism, lighting, and reflections.

From photorealism to deeply stylised spaces, from square kitchens to outer space, our digital content is ready to enhance your production stage and engage your audience.

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